Wednesday, July 31, 2013

And Then He Turned 5..... WHAT?!!!!

Yes you read that right.....

Sir Cuteness turns 5 TODAY!!!

This boy is just the sweetest thing going.
He makes this world a better place.
He makes me a better person.
He is goodness wrapped up in a beautiful 5 year old package.

Last night we had his birthday party,
and what a party it was.
Here are some of the festivities in action....
well as much action as you can pack in a picture =)

Our wee babe and his daddy.
They are just the best!!

We had all Sir Cuteness's favorites.
Raspberry Punch.....
(Seriously this stuff is too good for words).
Thank you Pinterest =)

Homemade Cheese Pizza, Homemade Pepperoni Pizza (for the big boys =)
Canteloupe and grapes.....
Baby Carrots and Ranch.....
Oh yes, it was quite the spread.
At one point in the afternoon, Sir Cuteness pours me some punch
and says, "Here Grandma, you been working hard all day." =)
I tell you, this child is the sweetest thing.  He is so thoughtful
and loves full on!!

There were presents.....
Ya know, torpedo blasters and web slingers.....

And cake!!
Oh this cake!!!
Thank you again Pinterest.
You seriously know how to rock a 5 year olds world =)

I took the pic on my phone to Price Cutter and the lady said no
problem.  She'd fix us up and boy did she ever!
And this only costs $8.99.  WHAT?!!  BOOM!!!!!

And candles.....
oh yes we had candles.
Six to be exact.
Yes I know, he's 5,
but one of those candles was a very special Spidey candle,
so we had to have it and the five regular candles.
Its the way we roll.

Blow out those candles little man!!

And celebrate being 5!!!
You are the best thing!!!!
I love you so!!!!!

And with this post, marks the returning of my blog.
Yes after much consideration and really an urging from the Lord,
I am back.

I have started posts and deleted them.
I have two currently drafted but not finished.
I miss this blog, and know it is time to get it going again.

So howdy!!!
Can we be friends?  =)

Love y'all ~~  Let the posts begin.....

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  1. YIPPEeE!!!!! You're BACK!!!!!

    I still love that cake idea. What did people do before Pinterest for parties :)