Thursday, September 19, 2013

When a Snake looks like a Fish

Good Morning,

I was thinking about Luke 11:11 this morning that says, "Which of you fathers, if your son asks for a fish, will give him a snake instead?"

This summer I had an interesting circumstance arise with one of my children.  In their eyes, they "needed" something.  The mama in me wanted to hand over my check book and fix it as best I could.  I mean I could have helped.  I could have signed on the dotted line.  I could have "fixed" this for him.

The Holy Spirit was SCREAMING to me, "SNAKE!"
"This is NOT a fish here, it is a SNAKE you are trying to give him."
For a minute it didn't make any sense.  Then I knew exactly which Scripture the Holy Spirit was reminded me of, but I thought, "How could this GOOD thing for him, possibly be a snake."
He asked..... I could provide..... shouldn't I?
In this instance the answer was a resounding "SNAKE!", I mean "NO!!"  =)

Now I want you to look back up at the last two paragraghs.  How many times have I used "I".  (Too many I assure you.)  =)  9 times in two little paragraphs, and therein lies the problem my sweets.  "I" couldn't fix this problem.  If "I'd" have helped, "I" would only have made it worse.  You see the Holy Spirit was helping me by, not so gently in this case, telling me to STOP!!  And let me just say, it didn't take long, and I am SO very grateful for the Holy Spirit and His work and moving in my life.

I called my husband and told him what was going on, and that NO I was NOT going to help in the manner I was being asked to, but the Holy Spirit had intervened and showed me CLEARLY what my role was and how I was to proceed.  

So how was I supposed to proceed?
By loving him well.  
Letting him know that I wouldn't be helping him in the manner he would have liked me to,  but that I loved him so much and I would be here for him.  And today our relationship is so much closer today, and I believe it's because I listened to the Holy Spirit and didn't dive right in with what I wanted to initially do; how I wanted to initially help.

You see, if I would have thrown my check book at the situation and signed on the dotted line, I would not have been teaching him the lesson he so desperately needs to learn in this stage in life.  I would have been giving him a snake.  But by loving him in Jesus' Name, and teaching him that you have to work hard for things here, I was giving him a big ole helping of life lesson fish.  Sometimes its tastier than others, but necessary.

So next time I am tempted to rush right out and give my kiddo's a "fish", I will stop, pray and listen to what I would actually be giving them.  And maybe next time the Holy Spirit will not have to SCREAM it to me to get my attention.
I am a work in progress.

I hope you have a Blessed and Beautiful day ~~

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  1. Such awesome insight friend!!

    Oh, when we listen to the Holy Spirit... I fear so many times I just ignore that tugging at my heart when he's screaming at me...

    but oh, how blessed we are & the things we learn when we listen