Tuesday, September 3, 2013

WHEW!! August Wore Me Out!!!

So your probably wondering if I have fallen off the radar again.
I haven't.  
I truly am back.
Its just that August seriously kicks the booty every year.
It is the big birthday month for our family.

It all starts with our Sir Cuteness' birthday the last day of July.
Here he is with daddy.  
So sweet.

He turned.....

It was a hard choice for what kind of party he wanted.
X Men.....
and settled on.....

Then this pretty girl turned 21 on August 7th.
Here we are at the Keeter Center.  
We LOVE this place.  Such good food, and just a lovely
place to go.  They grow their own food and it is on a college
campus, so all of the servers, cooks, hostesses, etc., are students
paying their way through school.  When they graduate they owe $0.
WOW!!!  AMAZING!!  It's hard to get in, but if you can, its a great way
to get a wonderful education and have NO debt when your done.

I love this girl so!!!  She is so lovely, and funny, and most importantly
has a heart to follow hard after God.
She is a rare jewel in a young person.

Then this boy went and turned 21 on me on the 13th.
What in the world?!!

I love him so!!

And then this girl turned.....
Ummm....yeah, I don't want to talk about it,
it happened on the 26th.  
I'm not 26.
Not even close.
26 is a distant, long distance, memory.
I'm still getting used to getting older.  (As you can tell).
I like my braid here.
And my crazy eye.
What is that all about?
And my gorgeous prayer shawl on the back of my chair.
Thank you RJ.  I still and will always LOVE IT!!

And then this beauty moved into her own apartment.

Oh good grief.  How sick are you of seeing my face?

WOW!!  What a month!!!  WHEW!!  
I'm wore out just reading this post!!!

Well August was Mr. Winslow approved.  =)
(I LOVE this picture of my babe.  One of my fav's!)
I LOVE him so!!!

So there you have it ~~ a crazy busy month.
That also included my mama's birthday too.
And Dak also moved.....again.
And I ended up on crutches.
And still going to weekly chiro appts.
And Sir Cuteness started PRESCHOOL!!!
WHAT?!!!  He is learning so much and looks and acts SO big.
Yep, August HUGE month!!!
I'm ready for a nap.

Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~

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  1. I want to go to that school... debt free? that's craziness!! Love it!

    You look so adorbs in all those pictures. All your different hair styles & braids - so cute!!!!

    Man, SC's dad looks just like Mr. Winslow in that picture!!!!!

    I love you surround yourself with young hearts that need great Godly guidance!!!! Why you are one of my favorite people in the world :)

    Yipee for the prayer shawl still holding up!!! :)