Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Goodness of Thanksgiving ~~ Week 1


For the next 6 weeks we will be gathering 
together around ye old computers and talk
all things Thanksgiving.
(Yes it is 6 weeks until Thanksgiving.. YAY!)

You see, I have a deep love for Thanksgiving.
Deep love.

Why?  You might ask.
I love gathering around the table of thanks with my family
and friends sharing the bounty of God's
graciousness in our lives.
I love the beauty of it.
The simplicity of it.  

I know, I know
the planning.....
the cooking.....
the cleaning.....
it can all be so overwhelming.

But I have found that planning for me is key.
I don't let it sneak up on me, not usually anyway.
I like to menu plan and start buying shelf staples
about a month before Thanksgiving, 
just a little at a time.  It helps the budget, 
and my sanity.  =)

So today, let's start with some decorating ideas.
I used to be VERY complicated in my decorating,
but now I keep it simple and I'm so much happier
with it and it is just WAY less fussy.

So I love a good door hanging.
I'm really wanting a wreath for my door this year,
so I pinned this lovely and really want to do something similar
to this.....

or this.....

And I LOVE the bright orange.....
the chevron.....
the initial.....
yep, love it all!

And then this one is a little different,
but yellow is my fav color, and I LOVE the leaves.
So pretty!

Now for our tables,
Hollowed out pumpkins make GREAT vases.
I have done something similar to the one below
before and I LOVED it!
They are just so easy and pretty to do yourself.

I have also done this.
Fresh cranberries in a vase with a candle
is so classic and fresh.
LOVE IT!  And really simple.
Here is another take on the above with corn.
I have done something similar on Valentine's Day
with conversation hearts.  SO cute!!  LOTS of
really cute ideas with things like this.  
Easy and cutie cute!

So this is week one and just a sampling of what is to come
over the next 6 weeks as we get ready to slow down and 
be very mindful and thankful for all God is and has done.

I have some guests that will be lending to the fun this year,
and I am SO excited to be sharing their AMAZING recipes
with you.  I will also be having vegan and vegetarian options 
for you as well.  

So kick back every Thursday until Thanksgiving 
with a warm cup of something, and enjoy a slow pace for
a few mins.  

I love you so ~~ Thank you for stopping by ~~ 

But we Your people, the sheep of Your pasture,
will give thanks to you forever;
from generation to generation we will recount Your praise.
Psalm 79:13


  1. I'm partial to wreaths with an initial. So pretty and personable.

    I love this idea - can't wait to read more!

  2. You & your love for Thanksgiving! :) I love it! & I'm thankful for you! :)

    Love these ideas!!

    The cranberries in the candles - LOVE IT.. & doable!!!