Friday, December 6, 2013

Grateful Swap 2013

This fall I participated in a 
It is through Monica's blog,
The Homespun Heart.
If you do not know about this blog,
you need to head over there.
She is just the sweetest and Godliest wife and mother.
I have followed her blog for a very long time,
and a few years ago, 
I saw that they were doing a swap.
I didn't really know what that was,
but it sounded fun.
So I signed up, and has swapped with
her each time she has had one since.

I must say,
that this year has been my absolute
I had the sweetest partner, Angie.

I will start with a little snapshot
of what I sent dear Angie.
Candles and tea and chocolate.....
a wreath to make with her kiddos,
a devotional, and some handmade lovelies.

Here is the card I sent her.
I made this card some time back,
and it was a grand addition to her swap box.

When I received Angie's box,
I was so taken back by it.
It was so wonderful.
So packed full of goodness.

Everything she sent, had a handwritten tag attached.
it was such a special touch.
This picture frame was made by her husband.
She sent clips along so I can attach Scripture
to the wires.
How amazing is that?

I LOVE this sign.
Sir Cuteness and PaPa painted it the other night.

Here it is all painted up,
and it is hanging over our back door.
It was so cute watching them paint it together.
I love it so much!!

She sent me these adorable little bags
that hold a whole place setting.
This is the Thanksgiving side.

You turn it over and it says "Joy".
This is the Christmas side.

She sent this lovely napkins for the Christmas side.

Look at this darling plate.
Sir Cuteness is so excited over this plate.
On the tag Angie said I could fill it with treats for
Sir Cuteness.
He was just thrilled.
He told me the cutest thing.
He said that one day,
when he grows up,
he gets the plate,
and he would make goodies on it for his kids,
and then they will put goodies on it for their kids.
So sweet!
He loves it so much.

She sent me a lovely little journal.
I am using it in my daily quiet time.

A kitchen towel
this delicious orange chocolate.
Sir Cuteness loved it so much!
(and I did too).  =)

Look at this lovely burlap.
A terrific piece of art.

She sent me some cinnamon sticks
and Scotch Brite.
That I am thoroughly enjoying.

Here is the card she sent me.

So gorgeous!

And here are the handcrafted tags she sent along.
This box was so very amazing!

Thank you so much Angie.
You are a lovely lady.

And thank you Monica and Carrie for your
amazing swaps.  

Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~ 


  1. OH MY WORD!! I want one of those boards to pin scripture on!!!!!

  2. Oh I just love the frame where you can pin Scripture! What a nice box she sent you...and vice versa! It is so great to make new friends too!

  3. Very cool to see what you received. Angie was my swap partner last time and I see she included a couple of the same things. She's great!

  4. Hi Dawn! Bless your sweet heart and glory to God for those precious words in your post ... humbled. And, I love all the handmade touches on the things you sent Angie and yes, she always does FABULOUS swap boxes for others :) Love the idea of the wire frame you can clip verses too!
    Merry Christmas and thanks for swapping!

  5. Dawn- I am late in posting my blog entry for the show and tell. (the story of my life!) I never post on my blog, so every time is a re-learning experience! Thank you for your kind words; I especially cherish what your grandson said about the plate that he will pass on to his children.