Sunday, December 8, 2013

And then it snowed.....and snowed.....and snowed some more.....

Well Winter officially starts in two weeks.
Someone forgot to inform the snow-man =)

We got ice then sleet then 
Like 7-8 inches here.

The main road we travel on
looked like this yesterday .....

But boy is Sir Cuteness enjoying the snow.
He doesn't care how cold it is.
Kids are resilient like that.
I freeze on the other hand,
in the warm house,
covered in flannel.
Yes, I am cool like that.

Oh the cuteness!!

Just these two.

So I heard a clink-clink
So I had to peek my head around 
and look what was going on.
Yes Sir Cuteness was under the tree
just clinking right along.

This was all happening before the above snow pictures.
I think he was just bored at this point.

Look how cozy.
He snuggled in under the covers,
and watched him some 
So sweet.

And then there was this.
The end.

Then today (Saturday) the Mister
asked me if I'd like to go for a snow hike.
Oh my goodness,
it was SO beautiful!!
Yes and cold.
The high today was 21,
but we put on our Under Armour
and layers and off we went.
It was so fun.
Oh this man.

I think I need bigger sunglasses.
Just sayin'.

Oh, I do have eyes.


I know this was kinda a hodgepodge of 
pictures, but this has been
our snow days.
So fun.

Oh and there was this.
Your welcome.

I hope y'all have a Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~

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  1. I love you two went on a snow hike. Snow just isn't for kids - right?

    You are just adorable!