Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Letters

Well Friday found Random Friday back,
and Sunday finds 
Sunday Letters back.

As I went back through and read my letters,
some of them made me laugh 
and some made me want to cry,
but all of them are precious to me.

So today marks the return.
I am happy.

So without further ado.....

My Precious Sir Cuteness,

You are loving these snow days.
You have decided that not going to school 
is a beautiful thing.
It is so very funny!

On the days you have been going to school,
you are making a new ornament for our 
tree everyday.  It is so very sweet.

You and PaPa built an iron man snowman today.
It is the cutest and sweetest and fiercest snowman 
I have ever seen.

You love to fight with your daddy and PaPa,
but not me.
You say I am fragile =)

You are a very bright light
on sometimes some very dismal days.
Thank you for being so you.

All my love my sweet boy ~~ grandma.


My dear Mr. Winslow,

For all my days,
I am yours.
You love me SO much!!

This has been a very hard week for me.
Nothing gets past you.
You always know when its hard.
And it is right now.

You hold my hand.
You make me answer the hard questions,
and then you remind me to pray,
and read and study.
You are ALWAYS pointing me to the cross.
You are the best of men!!

Thank you for loving me like Christ loves the church.
I am forever yours,

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