Friday, December 13, 2013

Random Friday is BACK!! HOLLA HOLLA!!!

Good Friday Morning to you!!!

And yes you read that correctly

It seems that having my own laptop to post on
really does help me do more posting.
Go figure.

And thank you so much for reading.
And loving me.
Especially loving me.
I love you too!!
And reading.
And commenting.
And loving me.

So for this Random Friday
I will give a list in pictures.

This guy turned 50 this week!!
I love him.
He is the best of men!!

  I had a photo bomber afoot.
Literally =)
(I love this dirty little sock boy).

I braided my hair to the side.

Had a photo bomber mouse in the studio.
I don't like mice.
But I do like Freddy.
He's been in the family for 17 years.
Sir Cuteness has a deep fondness for him.
Its because he's old.

I chewed on the ear of my wee babe.

These have ruined my diet!!!
Delishious little buggers.

Made cookies with these two fav's.
We laughed so hard.
Yep, a beautiful day in the neighborhood
with these two!!

Yes it has definitely been a fun week,
and one that has lent itself nicely to Random Friday!!

Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~ 

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