Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Letters

Sir Cuteness,

You are the sweetest thing.  
You are loving ALL things Christmas.
This picture I took before church last Sunday.
You look so sweet in your sweater.

You have the best heart,
and love to give gifts.
You and I went Christmas shopping 
for gifts for 
your PaPa,
You picked wonderful gifts,
and today we finished wrapping them.

You wanted to sign all your gifts
this year.

Seeing this I could cry from the sweetness alone
my babe.

You had a scary accident at school on Friday.
You hit your neck on the way down
falling off the jungle gym.
You have a really bad spot on your neck.
Your teacher put a bandaide on it
and you wouldn't let us take it off last night,
because you said it would bleed all over us and all over the covers
and you didn't want it to get on us.
I'm pretty sure it was not that bad.
You are so cute!!  

Today we have been chillin' 
because the weather is icky.
You discovered today that you like old westerns.
It is so very funny.
You asked me if it was in the old days.
Indeed it was little man.
Indeed it was.

You are such a joy to us.
We love you so!!!



My Mr. Winslow,

You have lead two different Bible Studies this week
and you have done it with grace and beauty.
I know it is not easy to teach two at once,
but you do it seamlessly.
I know you study SO much,
and you pray intently over these.
You desire to be exactly in the will of the Father.
You thrill my heart with the way you love Jesus,
and us.
It is truly inspiring.

I have been having some bad health days lately.
I know it is so hard for you to see me in pain.
You have had me on bed rest this weekend  =)
I really appreciate EVERYTHING you do 
to make me feel better.
You are just the best my darling.

I love you for always ~~ dawn

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