Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Little Lift and A Little Tuck!! ~~ & Sunday Letters

Nice title huh?
No I didn't have any work done,
my blog did =)

Isn't she lovely?
Isn't she wonderful?

I love it SO much!!!
I have been wanting a streamlined clean look
for a long time,
but I'm just not great at doing them by myself.
At least not like this.

I "met" this lovely lady Karen
back in October.
She lives in Ireland.
How great is that?!!
She made a button for me during the Nester's 
month long series,
and I asked her if she would consider redoing my blog.
She happily said yes,
and here we are today,
all dolled up and ready for the new year.

I love it SO SO MUCH!!!

So if you'd like
please visit her blog and look at 
the loveliness that will ensue.
She is just the sweetest
and working with her has been
a complete pleasure.


Oh my darling Sir Cuteness,
This week has been a whirlwind of all
things Christmas!!
You have enjoyed yourself thoroughly!

You say THE funniest things!!
I was trying to get iTunes to
work on my new phone,
and PaPa told me I needed to call
iTunes itself,
and I said I'd have better luck
getting through to the President
to which you said,
"He can't help you!"
in that very matter a fact tone.
You are SO funny!!!

You love your new punching bag.
It is electronic and tells you where to punch
and kick.
We are so enjoying you grow!!

Last night the space station went over head,
and we went out to watch it.
It was a little cloudy,
so we couldn't see it really clearly,
but you were just fascinated with it
and how fast it went.
It was out of sight rather quickly,
for a space station that is =)

Thank you for being you little man.
I love you to the moon and back,


Dear Mr. Winslow,

Well Christmas is over,
the tree is down,
and you feel better about life =)

Thank you for helping me get the tree down
and put away.
I so appreciate it.
When this knee gets to feeling better
I'll clean the garage =)
(We both know how funny that is.)

Thank you for buying me a new dryer yesterday.
Our appliances apparently are feeling their
But the dryer is gorgeous and will be a workhorse
I'm sure.
Can't wait for delivery.
On Tuesday.
You'll have to dig me out of the laundry.
I'll be the one on the bottom =)

I love you my man.
Thank you for loving me back.


Tomorrow I'll be posting about all things
A Winslow Christmas.
I do hope you'll come on over and join me.
And in the mean time,
enjoy the makeover.
I sure am!!

Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~

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  1. Thank you for your sweet words, Dawn! Loved working on this with you. :):)