Tuesday, January 7, 2014


so i know Christmas is over.
i do.
but today I'd like to share
a video of the Christmas version
of Hallelujah.

i know you may have heard it,
but i had not 
and it so touched my heart.
i'm trying to find it on iTunes.
So far no luck.

the last verse especially just
touches my heart.

in other news,
i am typing this one handed 
as I am currently in a sling.
silly herniated disc is all kinds
of messed up 
and shooting pain down my arm,
so..... we're immobilizing it.
we'll show that disc.

maybe tomorrow the herniated disc will
be better,
the sling will be off,
and caps (as in the starting the beginning of sentences with such)
will be back,
but we shall see.

either way,
caps or no caps,
i love you 
and hope you have a 
blessed and beautiful day ~~


  1. That was beautiful Dawn - thanks for sharing it :-)

  2. I've never heard that before ever... its so beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing!

    & bless your heart!!! I hope you feel better. I never knew the problems discs could cause until I hit 40... its a whole new world.