Saturday, January 11, 2014

Random Friday in Pictures ..... on Saturday. Yep.

 I am just cool like that.
I didn't get my Random Friday
post up yesterday,
but still want to do it,
so I shall post it on Saturday.
Ok..... moving on.....

So Sir Cuteness,
my personal stylist was at it again.
Yep it's the way he rolls.

I got my first Persnickety Prints order.
Y'all I'm telling you,
I am amazed at the quality of these
PHONE photos.
That big one of me and Sir Cuteness
is an 8x8,
and a shot taken with my PHONE.
I went ahead and ordered it thinking
I would probably not like it, 
but boy was I wrong.
It is so nice!!

This happened.

And this.
Yeah, I'm over that.

Still in a sling.
Still over it.

Do y'all Snapchat?
This is Dak Snapchatting with me and 
Sir Cuteness one night.
So sweet.
(Yes that is Gandalf in the background.)
Its the way he rolls.

Sir Cuteness has missed way more school
than he's attended lately.
So of course that means sink play.
He LOVES to play in the sink.
He gets his green bucket out
(see it in the background)
that holds his bathtub toys
and he plays in the sink.
For a REALLY long time.
It is SO cute.
And usually requires a change of clothes

And this was him snow boarding.
Oh this picture.
Yep blowing this one up for the books!

This was yesterday.
Yep still in a sling.
Still over it.

But I got to see this girl!!  

And we went to Target.

All is well!

Thanks for stopping by.
I hope you have a Blessed and Beautiful day ~~ 

1 comment:

  1. The Target pictures cracking me UP!!!

    I love SC snowboarding :) That face!!!! :)

    This was such a fun post!

    NO MORE COLD!! I don't care if it IS Winter!