Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Letters

Oh My Dear Sir Cuteness,

You are the funniest little guy.
You were in time out on Friday,
and I look over and this is what you were doing.
Yep, even time out can be fun =)
You make all things more fun.

You and PaPa have been playing H-O-R-S-E in the living
room with your little portable basketball goal.

It snowed again last night
and the cold is going to 
be brutal,
so you are fighting cabin fever with things
like dragging your b-ball goal into the living room
And you and the iPad have been hanging out quite a bit.
Oh how you wish you could be outside.

We have a picture hanging in the living room
that depicts a man nailing Jesus to the cross.
It is depicting our sin is what nailed Him there.
You figured out all by yourself that it was Jesus' cross.
We were so proud of you.
You are learning,
and we are praying for your tender heart.

I love you my precious Sir Cuteness.


Oh My Dear Mr. Winslow,

You are the kindest, sweetest man.
You love me like Christ loves the church.
When I hurt, 
you hurt.
When I am tired you help me
and just start doing things that need to be done.
I never have to ask you.
You are truly a blessing to me.

Our dryer died last week.
What is it with our appliances lately.
First the dishwasher 
now the dryer.
You had us go right out and get a new one.
I told you I could go the laundry mat
for awhile.
You wouldn't even hear of it!  
We bought a dryer that night.

Sir Cuteness jumped right in 
to help get the laundry room ready
for our pretty, new dryer.
So sweet.

I am such a Blessed woman to have you as my 
man for always.
I love you darling ~~ dawn

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