Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Intentional ~~ Happy New Year!!


As I think about the end of 2013 
and the start of 2014 
one word comes to mind...

I'm not really doing One Word
for 2014
since I did so very poorly with it in 
But if I were
my word would be 

You see that is the way I want to live my life in 2014.
With intent.
On purpose.

I don't know if it was the health challenges I faced in 2013,
or just my general lack of energy,
but something kept me from living as
intentional as I would of liked.
It seems that lots of things slipped through the cracks
if you will.
I don't want that to happen anymore.

So this year
I want to live life intentional.
I do have a few things that are on my list
to do this year
that has been different from last.

I will be doing a 
page on them to refer back to
in my Project Life this year,
and I'm gonna be intentional
about these things.

I'd like to share with you the verse the
LORD has laid on my heart for the start 
of the year.
I always start with a verse every January 1st 
to memorize and it always ends up being 
the verse that stays with me all year.
I memorize others along the way,
but the first one is always the one 
that I quote first at night as I am drifting
off to sleep after family prayers.
It has been a very important verse
indeed over the years,
so I have learned to be very purposeful
in my choosing.
I let the LORD help me always.
And this year,
I thought it would be out of 1 John.
I wrote down three verses.
And then couldn't decide.
Thought I knew,
but just wasn't sure.
And then a verse I had memorized in 
previous years kept popping up.
And so, I decided that was the one
the LORD wanted me to start with
for this year.
But since I had already memorized it,
I thought that perhaps
I'd memorize it in another version.
But Sunday,
our Pastor quoted this verse
from the KJV when it was on 
the screen in another version.
Then he ended his message there,
 and he still had
two points left!
I really felt the LORD reassuring me
that I was to keep it in the KJV
I had already memorized it in.
Yes I complicate things.
Its a gift.

So my first verse for the year is:

Isaiah 26:3
"Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace
whose mind is stayed on thee;
because he trusteth in Thee."

This verse has everything to do with being intentional
as well.
I love that.
If I keep my mind stayed on the LORD,
He will keep me in perfect peace.
That is a beautiful scripture,
and what will this mean?
That I am trusting in Him.
I can think of nothing better
to set my heart on 
at the beginning of the year.

I hope your start to this new year has been spent
spending time with the Father
and asking Him to guide you through 
everything you will face in 2014
the good and the bad.
He is there and He loves you so!!!

Thank you for visiting me,
encouraging me 
loving me.

In His Name,
Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~ 

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  1. You say you're not doing a word? you just did :) A perfect one too!