Friday, January 3, 2014

Random Friday in Pictures

Happy First Friday
of the
New Year!!!

I thought I would do a week in pictures.  
This will also help me in Project Life
to see what was going on in that week.
So yes,
this is the plan.

Since my word for the year,
that I said wasn't really my word,
because I wasn't doing a word,
but if I were it would be "Intentional",
well apparently it is my word for the year,
because it keeps popping up.
Isn't that interesting?
Yes, well in being intentional,
that means Random Friday will be done with
intent as well.

So with all that being said
and so clearly.....
Welcome to Random Friday in Pictures.

Sir Cuteness wanted me to play Candy Land
with him the other night,
and these were the rules.
Yeah, everything becomes a contact
sport in a house full of boys.
Its the way we roll.

Me and these knees went walking on New Years Day.
It was winding and kinda nice.
It was suppose to be sunny.
It wasn't.
But I went out anyway.
My knees.
Oh my knees.
Moving on.....

This is the track where we walk.
They are making a girls softball field in this part,
so our walking track is quite treacherous
and cut off right now.
But Sir Cuteness has thoroughly enjoyed 
the big piles of dirt this has produced,
and the trees in the path that you have to go around
to get anywhere.
Yep, he is all about it.
Yeah, I stick to whatever tiny path is available 
that day.
My knees.
Oh my knees.
Moving on.....

This was also New Years Day.
Sir Cuteness and his daddy doing what they do.
You can't see it here,
but one has a phone and the other an iPad
playing some kind of a build an army
and attack each other kind of game.
They love it.
Somehow I was able to get this pic.
Thank you boys.

Yes I think I already posted this in another post,
this happened.
And it is worth mentioning 
Love him.

And this lovely is just about to pop!
Yes Ara Dawn should be here any day.
She is due TODAY!!
(I think, or's hard to keep up!)  =)
Either way, Erin looks beautiful!!!

And here the sweet kids are.
Eric (our oldest) (my husband's adopted son)
and his wife Erin 
and stepson Siler.
They are so dear to me.

So there you have it.
The randomness for Friday.
I hope you enjoyed and will visit every 
Friday for 
Random Friday in Pictures for 2014.

And there maybe a VLOG in there to.
I still want to jump in with Rebecca Jo 
for that!!

I hope you have a
Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~ 

Oh hi,
I'm back....
I forgot something.....
We play in the Cotton Bowl tonight!!!
(Well not we like me and the Mr.
but we as in the collective we of Missouri).
Glad that's cleared up.
Moving on.....

We (as in me and the Mr. well mainly me but ya know) 
are SO excited!!
This is their 2nd year in the SEC
and they have showed up.
Can't wait to watch them 
kick some Oklahoma booty.
(Sorry my Oklahoma friends.)

Ok, I'm done now.


  1. Baby coming soon... how fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh your poor knees.. I understand :(

  2. uh oh, how did I not know you were a Mizzou fan?? I'm a born and bred Jayhawk. ;-)