Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Letters

I missed a whole week of blogging.
Dumb back.
I'm back with Sunday Letters.

My darling Sir Cuteness,

You got a dry erase notebook
for Christmas 
and you are loving it.
Here you are writing.

Look at these amazing letters.
You are doing great!!!

This week has found us getting a little more
back to normal after all the snow
and bad weather we have had.

You are the funniest little guy.
The funniest.

I look forward to every moment we get to spend
You are the best little buddy.

I love you sweet boy ~~ Grandma

My Dear Mr. Winslow,

We have had such a quiet weekend.
It cracked me up yesterday
when we went to WalMart and 
really didn't have anything we needed.
I asked you if this meant 
we were getting old
and starting our daily runs to WalMart
just to get out of the house.

We crack me up.

You are continuing to help me
with my back.
I am so grateful.
You are THE BEST!!!

I love you my dear man ~~ 

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