Thursday, August 7, 2014

Grace in this Journey: Beginning

For those of you that 
have known me here for a long time,
or who know me outside of
this beautiful blog world,
You know that I deal with chronic pain
brought on by arthritis 
I have had since I was a child.

It is rare.
Childhood arthritis.

My doctor said that he had never
seen knee surgery in such a young girl.
I was seven.
That is young.
And I underwent traction first.
And then big needles in my knee.
It turned orange 
and swelled to unreal heights.
That was cool.
And then it was determined that my knee
would have to be operated on
so I could straighten it out again.
It was locked.
I was seven.
And so it began.

The arthritis has now become much more systemic.
I deal with pain, stiffness and pain
on a daily basis.
This summer it has gotten much worse,
and I got sad.
And mad.
And did I mention there is pain involved?
I decided to do something about it.
I went to the doctor to get on 
Arthritis meds.
If you know me,
or have read my blog for very long,
you know that is a big step

But I went hoping for relief.
My doc ran tests and gave me some 
The meds work BTW.  
I don't like taking them,
but I like taking them.
I can at least sleep without being
woke up in pain every night.  
And they are not narcotic.
I like that too.

But the swelling has gotten crazy in my left knee,
and the pain has gotten more intense,
so the doc did some X-rays and 
it showed that there have been
changes in my knee.
Enthesopathic changes.
It involves the point at
which the ligaments meet
at the Patella.  
It kind of acts like tendonitis.
Yes indeed.
This knee is a hot mess!

So my doc suggested that I contact
Mayo Clinic and be seen by
my doctor there again.

The thought of that long drive,
and then possibly surgery again
and so forth,
I just couldn't hardly stomach it.
So, I got busy.
Well, google and I did.
And I started researching out
the Arthritis diet once again.

I have looked at it before,
but never wanted to do it
because it cuts out the entire nightshade
family of veggies.
I like them.
I have never wanted to give them up.
Until now.
If it will help,
I'm in.
And also as a part of this diet,
I am doing something I said I would
never do.
(Note to self: STOP SAYING THAT!)
I am going gluten free.
Yep.  At least for a month,
and then will evaluate how things are going.

People with arthritis can have a sensitivity
to gluten.
Not everybody does,
but if you have a lot of swelling in your joints,
and I do,
then it is suggested that you go gluten free as well.
So I am.

Gluten is in a lot of stuff.
I thought it was just bread.
Boy was I wrong.
I am learning.
A lot.
And not just about bread,
but also about Grace.

Grace in this journey through life.
I am a pilgrim ya know.
Just passing through.
Wanting to be pleasing to the Father
as i sojourn.
Even if that sojourning brings pain,
there is Grace.
And I am okay.
Holding the hand of my Father all the way.

So would you like to follow me on this journey of Grace?
If you would,
just pop over here for the next month.
I'll be sharing things that are helping.
Things that are not.
Funny anecdotes.
And baby steps.

I love you so!!

And so it begins.....

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