Friday, August 8, 2014

Grace in this Journey: The Don'ts

There are a list of do's and don'ts
associated with this diet.
Things that you should eat,
and should not eat.
And I set about making a list 
of both.

I keep a journal.
Well several really,
in this particular one
I wrote down one page of don'ts
and then facing it on opposite page
I wrote the do's.
I kept it simple.
It is great to reference these pages.

One thing that i wanted to do
was to not be focused on what I couldn't
eat, but to completely immerse myself 
in what I could eat.
It is much easier that way.

But for the sake of you knowing what to eat
and what not to eat,
I will share with you today the don'ts.
Just don't get hung up on them.
It seems like you can't eat anything.
Its just different things,
that is all.
Still good.
Just different.

1).  Fried and Processed Foods
(I know.  There went the typical American diet.
Right out the window.
Just kick it to the curb).
2).  Nothing cooked on a grill,
high heat,
fried or pasteurized.
(There went whatever was left of the American diet.
I'm telling you people,
the curb,
kick it)! 
3).  Sugars and refined carbs
4).  Dairy Products
5).  Alcohol and Tobacco
(No problem for me, since I am not a partaker of either).
6).  Salt and preservatives
(Really on the salt?  UGHHH!!!)
7).  Corn oil
8).  Night Shade family of veggies:
Potatoes, Tomatoes, Peppers & Eggplant
(Don't even get me started!)
9).  And Gluten.

I know this list seems quite exhaustive.
It isn't.
Just kinda read over it if you'd like to follow along with me on the diet,
just don't obsess over it.
Just be familiar with it.

Focus on the do's people.
The do's.

Which are coming up next!

Stay tuned.....

(The DO's post in two hours)

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  1. Is sea salt or himayala salt the same as salt? I can't live without salt.