Sunday, June 8, 2014

Where Do I Begin?

Well hello there!
I'm not even sure where to start.
Let's see I'll start with this.....
I love to blog.
Yep, but have become terrible at it.
Its so easy just to jump on FB
and type out a verse or small update 
and move on.
The blog takes longer but is SO worth it!

Let me begin here
with a few pictures.....
That's a good place to start right?

Well our Sir Cuteness is in California
right now with mama and her family 
on vacation.

This is the longest we have been apart 
practically since he was born.
But he is having a fabulous time!!
He saw the ocean for the first time yesterday,
and he is going to Disneyland this week.
Mickey, Minnie, Olaf
He is MOST excited to see Olaf.
Oh I hope he is wandering about
with his flurry cloud above his head =)

This was taken the night before Sir Cuteness left
on the big ole Jet Plane.
We went to TGIFriday's with 
Eric, Erin and their loves.
Yes my granddaughter Miss Lady Sweetness herself.
Here she is in all her pink bowness.  
Yes it is a spectacular and it appears.

 And here she is with brother,
who incidentally was leaving the next
day to go with his grandparents to Florida for a week.
He will be gone the same time Sir Cuteness
will be, but at opposite ends of the country.

Then it was time for Glow Golf.
How fun.
Well I didn't actually play.

No sir, I VERY happily agreed to watch
this princess.
Look at that hair.
I mean seriously.
The cuteness.

She is a doll.

Ant then Friday morning I woke up 
early and watched this babe sleeping for a bit.
Yes he was leaving later in the day,
but for now, 
my heart was resting in this moment.
I love him so!!!

Then it was off to play tennis.

'nuff said.
Oh how I love him!!
Have I mentioned that?

I just LOVE this pic.
The boys are watching a video of 
Sir Cuteness hanging from a rope.
He did really good.
Held on for almost a minute.
That's big stuff for a five year old.

Here is Sir Cuteness and Hailey
on the plane.
He loved it!!

And then he fell asleep =)

Ok so this seems silly,
but I went to get my face done 
yesterday because I have a new friend
from church that sells Mary Kay and
she was having an event,
so I went.
I loved it!!

She has such a story.
A beautiful, God-filled, story.

Here is my eye.
Not a part of her story,
but so a part of mine.
This is the one that has been infected.
Looking back to normal
and way prettier than normal.
I am not good at make up.
I just wear it.
Does that make sense?
Well, now I feel better at it.

And here I am donning my Huskers hat.
Is it football season yet?

I love y'all!!
Please tell me I will get back into regular blogging?
I sure hope so.

Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~ 

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  1. Ahh - I'm sure your house is MUCH quieter right now!

    That baby girl... OH MY WORD - precious. I want to hug her & dress her up like Belle!!!

    I want to see Olaf too come to think of it :)

    You are so beautiful friend!!! ... glad to see you back blogging today :)