Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday


So I have been contemplating, praying and thinking about 
starting the blog again.
I mean really starting the blog again.
I have missed it SO much lately.
I keep telling myself, I don't have time for such,
and yet, I love the outlet and knowing that 
there are stories being told 
and God is moving in ways that I am recording
here, that perhaps are just not being recorded
elsewhere.  So here we go again.
I hope for a very long time this time =)

And what better way to start than my friend Rebecca Jo's
She's the best!  

This guy.....
This one.
For all my days.
This was taken this summer at Yellowstone.
Seriously, Best man EVER, 
in one of the most beautiful places EVER!
He is kind, daring, dashing and all mine!
I love him SO!

This picture snuck in there when I uploaded,
so I left it.
I'm so thankful we live in a world where there
is Yellowstone.  God kissed this place.
It is amazing!

And this kid.
He LOVES selfies =)
He will grab my phone and go to snapping.
I'm so thankful.
He's getting some good shots.
side note: how old does he look here?

This was a recent trip to the Nature Center.
We LOVE bears.
After our trip to Yellowstone
it sealed the deal.
I LOVE this pic!

And frogs.
He loves and rides all the animals he can =)

He thought this was so funny.
Me too.
I love him so!

I'm SO very thankful him and his daddy
started going to church with us about 7 months ago or so.
It is a rare beautiful joy, to look down our row and see
those two worship Jesus with us.
Our Christmas program is coming up soon,
so we got lots of tickets to hand out.
He asked me yesterday,
"Grandma, can I invite my mom to the Christmas party at church?"
(He calls it a party, cutest thing eveh! I mean it is a party for Jesus right?)
I said, "Of course you can!"
So the first thing he did when we got there to drop him off
last night, was to invite her.  
This boy.
He's gonna get her yet =)

Panera Bread.
Squash Soup.
'Nuff said.

I am a artsy kind of gal.
I like artsy stuff,
like this pic,
and this scarf.

And this boy.
We hung out yesterday.
We had an interesting discussion.
We had lunch.
We had each other in stitches.
So thankful I get to be HIS mama!

And thankful he works at Teavana
and gets me GREAT deals at Starbucks.
Like this mug!
Did I mention the artsy thing?
Yeah, LOVE.
Oh come on now people,
it's just a cup.
That's all I'm sayin' =)

I mean really.
He is so funny.
So much swag and all.
(The boy.  Not me.  I am by all accounts and purposes, swagless). 
It's okay.  I'm a big girl =)

And the Word.
I am SO thankful that God gave us His Word.
It is living and active.
It divides and might I say, also conquers.
I've been studying a lot lately,
and let me just say,
God is good.
Always good.

Have a beautiful day ~~ dawn


  1. First of all, I'm so glad to see you back to bloggin!
    2nd - so glad seeing you link up with me <3
    & love all the things you are thankful for.
    Oh gosh - if I knew someone that could get me a discount on those Starbucks cup, I'd be broke :) I love all the Christmas ones - I was in there this week just staring at them & couldnt pick a favorite.
    Love your family is worshiping all together - that is so special.

  2. You have SO many sweet people to be thankful for!! Your grandson sounds so sweet!

  3. Visiting from Thankful Thursday. Yes, I know I'm rather late, but better late than never. lol

    I really enjoyed your post. I've never been to Yellowstone, but hope to get there someday.

    I don't drink coffee, but I love your cup. Great post and I'm glad you are back to blogging or I wouldn't have "met" you.