Monday, November 23, 2015

What Love is

I saw this the other day...

I used to love Peanuts as a child.
It was my favorite Sunday Cartoon.
I read it every week.

So when this came across my feed 
it caught my eye,
and my heart.

We are entering into what our world tells us is
The Busiest Time of the Year.
The Most Wonderful Season of All.
And yet, society as a whole,
is joyless.
They hustle.
They bustle.
But where is the joy?
Where is the love?
The real love.
You can talk about love all day,
but the tangible, real love of Christ 
flowing in and through lives...
where is that love?

I think about this,
because I love.
I love Jesus.
All the time.
In every season.
But do others know that?

So this season,
during this time,
I challenge you to 
show it!

The other day I was at a stop light.
There was a woman.
A backpack.
A cardboard sign.
This woman.
Something about her.
Broken dreams.
A broken heart.
I could see it.
I reached for my wallet.
Rolled down my window
and she approached.
I gave her a little money,
but it was what happened next 
that remains.
She whispered
"Bless you"
I whispered back,
"Bless you"
then she went to grab the money 
out of my hand,
and for a moment she touched my hand.
On purpose.
And gave me a slight brush.
And with that she went back to the light post
at the stop sign,
and the light changed to green and I proceeded.
As a passed her
she gave me a slight nod.
I nodded back.
The funny thing was,
the hand she touched me with
I didn't want to move.
I wanted to remember the touch of the homeless.
The plight of those who are hungry.
I want to remember.
Her touch was cold,
but soft and FULL of love.
Cold only because the weather was cold,
and she was in a difficult place.

Go out today and affect your world.
Give a cup of cold water,
or warm coffee in Jesus Name.
Be His hands and feet.

Have a Beautiful day ~~ dawn

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