Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas: Winslow Style! Part 1.....

Welcome to my lovely styled blog.
Yep, still swooning!!

So today lets talk Christmas through pictures,
shall we?

Ok so blogger is irritating me!
Anybody else?
I had all my pics IN ORDER 
and now they are just a jumbled mess
of Christmas packaging.
Oh well,
we will move right on and enjoy them.
Shall we?!

PaPa told us the Christmas story with Sir Cuteness
perched right up on his lap.
It was THE single sweetest moment of the holidays
for me.
After the story, 
PaPa asked Sir Cuteness if he was
ready for gifts
and Sir Cuteness didn't hesitate.
I love the heart of children.
PaPa asked who would be the first to get a gift,
and of course you would expect him to say
he was,
but he said daddy.
And then he proceeded to give out gifts to everyone.  
And then he was the last one to get his
This is so rare.
What a precious child he is.  

Side note:  This is the 2nd year
that Sir Cuteness has done Christmas
with no shirt.
Oh this boy.
He is just THE best!!

Yes folks that is Operation.
We always get Sir Cuteness a new game.
Last year was Chutes and Ladders.
He LOVES Operation.
We are having a lot of fun with this game!

The cuteness people.....
the cuteness.....
Yes he did get a vintage 1997 
(man that doesn't seem vintage to me =)
Ninja Turtle helmet.
Daddy did some ebay-ing =)

Oh goodness.....
a spoon people.
Give me a spoon!!
He is the cutest thing!!!

'nuff said.

The Sunday before Christmas 
I came around the corner from getting
Sir Cuteness' breakfast before church
and he was just sitting in front of the tree
looking at the lights.
He has so enjoyed the tree.

Writing on some packages.

Sir Cuteness and I have a little spot we stop at
before school and pray together.
This was after one of our prayers.
Oh how I love him.
Pray changes things ya know.
Just sayin' 

Daddy getting his watch from Sir Cuteness.

Getting out one of my presents.....
He got me walking sticks for hiking.
I love them SO SO much!!!
Thank you Sir Cuteness!

PaPa opening up his yard stick from Sir Cuteness.

Yep, daddy got him a Ninja Turtle bike.
He loved it!!!


Told ya.

Oh Sir Cuteness
how we love you!!!

So this is part 1 of Christmas....
Stay tuned.....

Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~ 

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  1. OK - first - your blog is BEAUTIFUL!! Who designed it?!?!?!

    Such a fun Christmas. My 28 yr old friend, we still get him Ninja Turtle stuff :) They never out grow these things :) Heck, I want a helmet like that!!!