Monday, December 9, 2013

What I like about 50!!

So today my dear man.....
is 50!!!!!

My Mr. Winslow is the sweetest thing EVER!!
Okay so if I were to name 50 reasons why
(which I won't, but if I were)  =)

Some of those reasons would be the following.....
And that right there is enough,
but my man goes above and beyond.

He LOVES his family
with this deep abiding love.
He draws you in.....
into his life.....
into his world....
into his heart.

He LOVES to hike.
Goes without saying
we are two peas in a pod,
my Mister Winslow and I.

And this Gbabe?
He is COMPLETELY ruined over!!
He is THE BEST PaPa in the world!!!
Any doubts, just ask Sir Cuteness.
He will not skip a beat in telling you.

He is fit and adventurous.
Yep a good hike in the snow.
That'll get the blood pumping.

And did I mention he LOVES adventure?
Like going out into the wilderness
where you can't get to anywhere other than
with canoe or feet.
He is so cool like that!

And he is the best husband on the planet!!
He loves me so completely.
Just like God intended a man to love his wife.
Like Christ loves the church.
I am certain without hesitation
this man would lay down his life for me,
in a heartbeat.

Love like his
changes a person.
I am the most Blessed woman

To have a man like mine,
is to have the cream of the crop.

So to my Mr. Winslow,
Honey you are the absolute best!!
I love you and esteem you
and hope your 50th birthday
rocks off the socks man!!!

I LOVETH YOU ~~ dawn

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  1. Happy Birthday to your awesome hubby!!! May he count at least 50 counts of blessings today :)