Thursday, March 6, 2014

What we've been up to.....

Winter has been long 'round these parts,
but we have made the most of pretty days 
and even some cold ones.

We have gone to Dairy Queen.
Yes in the winter.
Yes we are ready for spring.
Somehow ice cream makes us feel like spring
is going to come.

Oh Sir Cuteness,
you are so funny.

You and Dr. Pepper.

We had a very windy,
blue skied day,
took advantage of.

The skies were blue.
The grass was brown.
We had SO much fun!!

You LOVED this cone.

I LOVE this boy.
Oh this boy!!!

We ran back home and grabbed
another kite.
SO much fun!!!

Remembering to love.
Really love.

Watching this babe play the iPad.

Baby girl and her mama.....

My personal stylist has been back at work.

Loving my cowl.....
(thank you RJ)
If its going to be cold,
its going to be stylish.

Making forever memories.....
You can't see PaPa, but he is on the other
side of the phone being awesome!!
We love him so!!!

Sir Cuteness wanted to remember this
moment of us eating Smarties.
He called it a forever memory.
I love him!
Have I said that?

And a selfie at the gym.
Your welcome.

So that's what we've been up to.
What you been up to?

Have a Beautiful day ~~ 


  1. YIPEE... I forgot about that cowl. I loved that yarn! :) So cute on you.
    Jealous of blue skies. Ricky is such a kite flier - he loves windy days just for that reason.
    That picture of momma & baby? OH MY GOSH - beautiful!!!!

  2. What fun you have with that cute fella!!! I am ready for Spring myself!! Woke up to 2 inches of snow on the ground this morning.... and its supposed to be 67 tomorrow!! YIPPEE!! Hope its not just another tease :( I hope its here to stay! Allergies & all!